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Shared Hosting Subscriptions.

Shared BigBlueButton access provides the ability for a customer that has an existing CMS/LMS to integrate an online learning/environment into their existing web site. The service is targeted at small e-learning and consulting companies (1-3 trainers) who can't justify a dedicated server.

Month to month subscriptions can be canceled anytime and will be effective the next billing period.

We offer a $25 setup/5 day trial, and you can cancel anytime directly on this page if you no longer want services.

Shared servers include a number of max concurrent users, and monthly hours depending on exact plan option. Shared servers can not be branded. Persistent Recording Archives are NOT available on Shared Servers. If your plugin supports archiving and playback, recordings will work, but they are deleted from these public shared servers after 90 days. (See dedicated servers below for branding and permanent archives).

This service requires use of a supported front end CMS/LMS with the bigbluebutton plugin installed or ability for you to write your own API programming calls. We can provide free support in getting plugin working if needed on receipt of hosting subscription. Setup credentials (URL/Shared Secret) are emailed directly to purchaser's billing email address usually within 1-4 hours

  • Moodle, Worpress, Drupal, Tiki
  • Efront,Chamilo,SAKAI
  • BigBlueButton API Direct (programming required)

To test your plugin prior to ordering use

salt: 8cd8ef52e8e101574e400365b55e11a6 

More information on plugins is available from Blindsidenetworks Here. Also, some integrations may use just the domain name, or add /api/ to end of url. Please consult your CMS/LMS plugin documentation for exact install instructions.

By default shared servers are provisioned in North America.

If you need access to shared infrastructure in Europe, Asia, Australia, or South America please send us an email prior to ordering.

$25 Setup, 5 day trial, select plan

Dedicated Hosting Subscriptions.

Month to month subscriptions can be canceled anytime and will be effective the next billing period. Servers are normally setup in 1-2 business days. Servers can be installed in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, or South America.

Servers support 1.0BBB or 1.0 Mconf-Live ,Full SSH Access is provided to fully brand and customize. Dedicated servers also allow for full Record and Playback. All dedicated servers support branding and recording with unlimited bandwidth, interactive use. Concurrent usage is across multiple sessions, and varies depending on usage of Video and Deskshare features. For example, 25 concurrent users means 2 meetings of 12 students, or 5 meetings of 5 students, or 12 1 on 1 tutoring sessions. There are no soft limits and you can try larger meetings, but audio quality may be effected with heavy loading.

$100 Setup, 5 day trial, select plan

Scaled High Availability Solutions

Large scaled, Highly Available BigBlueButton Infrastructure.

Custom Services, Branding and Applications Consulting.

Custom Services, Branding and Applications consulting are paid as agreed and are non refundable. Use this button if you already have a agreed upon statement of work to make a one time payment.

Examples of consulting services.

$150  Troubleshoot a installation on your BigBlueButton server (2 hours)
$225  Configure BigBlueButton for inbound DID calling (3 hours), with your ITSP resource or ours ($10 month + 2.9cents) per user min.
$225  SSL Configuration with your SSL cert and domain name.
$375  Basic Private Label Client Only Branding (5 hours)
$750  Install, config, and Fully Private Label BigBlueButton including deskshare java cert. (10 hours)
$750  Custom Consulting per formal statement of work (each 10 hours)
			Project Management, Tech integrator training on development/setup, Secure VPN tunneling, Private Cloud Servers, 
			Outbound Dialing, S3 Recording Archives, setting up server infrastructure, custom api development
			Load Balancing, and custom High Availability clusters. Priority Level 3 support.
Call 1-888-229-9756 or Skype Stephen_Dame or email to discuss your project and get a formal proposal

Alternative Payment Methods.

We can also process Company Checks, Direct Bank transfers, and manually process Credit Cards. Call 1-888-229-9756 for assistance. Discounts of %10-15% can be given for prepaid hosting depending on length of term.

Cancel Your Hosting Subscriptions.

We hate to see you leave, but month to month subscriptions can be canceled here anytime and will be effective the next billing period. No refunds given for partial months once billed. If you are unhappy with our services please tell us why so we can improve.

Dedicated servers can be suspended when not needed (summer break for example)for a flat fee of $25 a month and reactivated when needed with no setup fees.

Please make sure you cancel your reoccurring payment by clicking this button.


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 BigBlueButton-Dev - customization adding features
 BigBlueButton-Setup - Installation/Setup
 BigBluebutton-Users - General usage questions. is your definitive site for all project related documentation.
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